Nicola Fornoni (1990 Brescia, IT) has been dedicating to performance art from 2013. This year he performed and exposed in his first solo exhibition called Fuckdermia curated by Alberto Ceresoli at the Vaku Project Space, Bergamo (IT) it has been characterized by eight video-performances, three video frames and one performance with the same title of the exhibition.


Recently, he has been selected to LADA screen contest 2018 (UK), Starptelpa, Riga Performance Art Festival, Riga (LV) and PAS 2018 festival de performance art de Bogotà.

During last year, he performed in Italy and abroad, with his participation to the 4th International performance art week-end of Berlin curated by Luisa Catucci and Dagmar L.Glaunitzer-Smith at Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin (DE).


His performances talk about body's themes relevant to the artist's life and social issues. He always wants to challenge himself thinking to the performance art as a natural remedy and source of freedom. Nicola uses performance art as well as video art languages as documentation and expression of his actions. His intent is to change society with people's mind and show the force of the body without remorse.


His works were exposed and performed to Humain Body, Angst, curated by Francesca Sand at la Capela, Paris (FR), to Harvest Mind curated by Dagmar L. Glausnitzer-Smith at Braunschweig (DE), to Tactile Bodies, curated by Nicolina Stylianou at the Sensorium Space of Nicosia (CY), to the 3th Venice International Performance Art Week curated by VestAndPage at Venice (IT), EJECT, V festival international de video performance curated by Pancho Lopez, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Ciudad de Mexico (MX), to the Festival Muscopio-video arte itinerante de Mexico (CDMX), to PAS Festival de performance art de Bogotá curated by Fernando Pertuz (CO), and in many cities as Rome, Milan, Ferrara, Pescara, Jakarta, Belo Horizonte, Ciudad de Mexico and others. He won Premio Adrenalina in Silver, performance art, body art category. He worked with Kyrahm, an international italian performance artist, in her performance Ecce (H)omo, Guerrieri.  

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